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This is the 2008/2009 Season Newsletter - ending in the infamous (9th) Camping Trip
Held MAY 2009
at Long Point Park, Sebastian 
- NOTE: photos will be added when time permits.

We started our 3rd year at Lake Worth Beach (LDUB) this year and it really feels like this is the place we will remain. We had beach events once a month for the months of Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, and Apr. We finished our season with the 9th annual camp trip at Long Point Park in May.

Our beach events went relatively smooth except for a couple of events where the pavilion was double booked. Of course I could not find the piece of paper that said we had booked the pavilion first for the first time and the lady that had also booked it did have hers. We managed to convince the lady who was having a birthday party for her 5 yr old and 15 friends that we could share and make things work out. Which is what ended up happening and we even ended up being a big help to her as she was tackling this party pretty much solo. The following month also ended up being double booked but this time I was able to go down to the park administration superviser and show him a cancelled check for all the dates that we had booked for the season.

GOD has a way of working things out for us. Let me explain. In the beginning of this season, my self and one of my leaders went down to book the dates for the season. Well a few changes had occured. First the Rec superviser was a new guy and we happened to be there on his first day or so it seemed. He was very busy and was not familiar with our group. I had to get approval from him to book the pavilion for so many dates. At first he did not seem very receptive but ended up letting us have the dates.

Well the next thing that happened was the whole park and Rec. department was going to move and also go from old school filing to computers. Well this is where our stuff got lost. So with the new set up it looked as if the pavilion had no bookings. Hence the double bookings. On our second double book problem I was able to set up a meeting with the Supervisor.

As I drove to meet with him I prayed the whole way that I would just be kind and passive and not get upset or angry. Well prayer works and GOD is GREAT. We met, I showed him the cancelled check and even offered to be out of the pavilion by 1pm as the other booking was for 2pm till dark. The superviser really softened up to us and even asked about next season to see if we might be able to help him out with some of the underprivileged kids that are around. Of course we would love to help out and now we have a good thing going as far as our events in LDUB. He even said that he would throw in a free date for the pavillion for next year.

As far as the events went, we had good enough surf to do lessons at every event we had. This is now 3 years running of always having some kind of surf to do lessons on. Our devotions were handled by several youth pastors within the county as well as one of our own leaders. No injuries and lots of stoked kids. We fed the life guards at all our events and they now look forward to the one day a month that we are there.

We ended the season up at Long Point Park near Sebastian Inlet for the 9th annual CROSSWAVES CAMP TRIP.

Things started off kind of slow as far as people reserving sites.

Fortunately for me, my Pastor gave a good service that had a great impact on me about not getting all stressed over the slow response. Over the last week prior to the trip we managed to get more that half of the total people that came signed up. We ended up with around 300 people attending. We took over more that half the camp ground.

The Band UR drove down from P.A. for the 3rd year in a row. I think they are as much a part of the camping trip as the surf. They are awesome and I look forward to seeing them again on the 10th annual. My friends Dave and Robin did a bang up job once again on the cooking as well as all the other leaders that helped out with the shopping, prepping, serving, teaching, cleaning and leading. We had a good camp fire Friday night with some great accoustic praise and worship from the band, some give aways and good teaching as well. Saturday was the big day and the surf was probably the best it had been all week. We had a mini contest, did some surf lessons and never had a drop of rain. That's right for the first time in Nine years not a drop of rain the whole weekend. the nights were perfect for sleeping with temps in the 60's.

We managed to bring like 300 sandwiches down to the beach and feed the masses. Back at the camp ground the band was busy doing some crazy cool art work on the 10 blank skate decks we had for prizes and giveaways. We also had a way cool surf board to raffle of that one of my friends had custom painted up too.

Thanks to IWS LAKE WORTH, PB BOYS CLUB PALM BEACH, SURFWORLD AND OCEAN MAGIC we had tons of stuff to give away.

The dinner feast went off very smoothly and the band fired things up around 6:45pm. The giveaways were flying out the box and the band played till about 8:30pm. Dan the drummer gave a pretty heavy measage and we ended up running short on time so the movie did not make it to the screen, but the giveaways kept flying and we pulled the winning ticket for the raffle board. The kid that won it really needed it to so it worked out really well.

The day went great and everyone went back to their sites for the rest of the night. Except for alot of the youth who were not ready for bed just yet. No problems through the night so all was good.

Sunday went good as well. We had breakfast, praise and worship from the band and another good message from Pastor George from Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale..

Poster and sticker giveaways and time to pack things up.

All in All the weekend went off problem free., except for a little glitch in the beginning with the site distribution (my fault for shopping to late) everything was AWESOME.

Hope to see you next year, Nils

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