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MAY 2008 - Long Point Park, Sebastian  - NOTE: More photos can be see HERE

Crosswaves Camping Trip #8 is rated a GREAT success. 


By 7pm about 95% of the two hundred and seventy something people had checked in and got their camp sites set up. Click for full size image

We got a good camp fire going and Universal Royalty (the band) got us started with a great set of acoustic praise and worship.

I ran through the weekend of events to come, gave away some cool stuff and turned the microphone back over to the band.

David gave us a heart driven devotion and then treated us to more songs including a brand new song that he had just finished.

Some more fellowship and s'mores and it was back to our sites.

SATURDAY click for FULL size image

.... was the non stop day.

Started with breakfast for all (7-8am) and off to the beach to set up the tents, boards, coolers and lesson boards.  Surf lesssons went good even with the tide being a little deep. The surf was like waist to shoulder with a little wind on it.

click for FULL size imageBack at the camp we had a group of amazing helpers making up the 300 sandwiches to bring down to the beach.  They were devoured in like 10 minutes. We had the mini surf contest and all the kids made it fun to watch.

With Chef David and Robin hard at work cooking the 100 pounds of boneless pork and the 35 chickens, dinner would be no less than a feast, accompanied by corn (thanks to the volunteer corn-shuckers) beans, potato salad and Boone's wife's infamous broccoli salad.

After the massive food grindage, the band set up and gave us a spectacular hour show. click for FULL size image

We were blessed with lots of give-aways, thanks for that goes to Oakley from New Smyrna, Ocean Minded sandals, P.B. Boys Club, IWS (Island Water Sports) Lake Worth and Coastal Surf and Ski.

Dan, the drummer shared another heart driven devotion with us. click for FULL size image

9:30pm - Next up was the movie of the night.  With some prayer and good fortune we managed to get the newest "Walking on Water" movie, that wasnít even released yet ,delivered from California over night. (Thanks Bryan). The movie was a TOTAL hit.  I think a lot of people in the crowd wished they had known a Bryan Jennings when they were 14 yrís old.

After dinner we pulled the winning ticket for the Raffle surfboard.  The winner came up and I asked him how many tickets he'd bought.  He said, "None!"  He'd found five tickets on the ground and that whoever they belonged to should come up and get the board.  It happened to be his friend that had lost the tickets and since he was honest about the find, his friend let him keep the board. STOKED!!!

click for FULL size image
With too much stuff to give away and too little time to do it by drawing raffle ticket numbers, we resorted to doing a product toss to made quick business of it.

11pm and back to our camp sites. EXCELLENT DAY

Click for FULL size image


breakfast, praise and worship, church (Pastor Kelly from CCBB) and pack up your site.

Click for FULL size imageHow did GOD show up?

Almost 300 people got together, ate four meals together, surfed together, had an AWESOME band hang with us for the weekend 3 good messages deliverd, a surf movie, and tons of stuff to give away.

All with our LORD JESUS CHRIST in the center.

Canít wait to see what GOD has in store for next yr.


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